Advanced Ecommerce Platforms
I have worked with Thomas Kenne – friend and senior developer – since 2009. We plan, build and launch advanced Shopify ecommerce platforms. We love technology, but care mostly about your customers’ experience. We are most often very likable.

What we are doing

We help senior management, e-commerce managers and startup founders build robust e-commerce solutions based on Shopify. Nicely integrated with your current platforms for smoother operations and excellent customer experiences. We care about everything e-commerce related – even the often forgotten and everlasting fine-tuning of your daily operations. 

Built and launched advanced Shopify Platforms for Pas Normal Studios and Studio Feder in 2021.

Our take on technology

We care a lot about technology without being techno fetichists.
Based on Shopify we craft a technical setup suited for your business. A tailored well-performing frontend. Advanced commerce and PIM platforms based on the open-source platform Laravel. And as many API integrations as possible to eliminate your manual work and tedious processes.

What we care about

We are opinionated about internal and external processes, business logic and rules. We help you carefully plan and simplify everything – to ease the operation and growth of your e-commerce business. 

We care about happy customers. We dive into the details to get things right. Small tweaks here and there will improve everything immensely. 

We care about your short and long-term goals. Keeping a boss, you and all of your colleagues from customer service and accounting happy is a great indicator for us, that we are doing something right. 

We prefer to work closely with you and your colleagues. We prefer to see you often. To get involved. To understand. And to ask you random questions to get everything right. 

Who we are

40+ years of experience in digital (product) development combining technology, product/business development and customer experience. Always surrounded by a pack of senior friends and allies to get things done. 

Get in contact

Drop me an email on or call +45 2615 6211.