My Guide to Copenhagen
This is a Guide to Copenhagen. It is my personal take on how you should spend your time in Copenhagen.

DISCLAIMER: Covid-19, children and weekends in a summerhouse has most likely completely outdated this guide. But might be better than doing Segway Tours and “hygge’ing” on Cafe Vivaldi…

– everything in Google Maps.

Hi. I’m Simon.

I am 44 45 46 48 years old. I live in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. I am the maker of digital products, services and e-commerce platforms. I spend a lot of time in the city, when I am not nursing my vegetables in my raised beds and greenhouse.

Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions or comments.

– Simon

Last update:  March 2023

From CPH Airport to Copenhagen

It will take 20-30 minutes to get from the airport to central Copenhagen.
A taxi will set you back about $50. You find the taxis on the right side just after customs.

Alternatives are trains or the Metro. You find both by walking straight ahead after customs.
Easiest thing is to take the Metro (up the stairs). The Metro map is really simple and will take you “anywehere” in 30-40 minutes.

You could come prepared by downloading the ticket application. Alternatively just get the tickets on you right side just before the stairs to the Metro.

Where to stay in Copenhagen

As long as you are staying in Copenhagen K (central, but touristy), Vesterbro (hip), Inner Nørrebro (diverse) or Inner Frederiksberg (families) you can get anywhere riding a bike in 25 minutes.
Airbnb has a bunch of great apartments. For hotels I would suggest:

Fancy really luxurious hotels? Check out either Hotel d’Angleterre or Hotel Nimb or Hotel Sanders.

Room with a view – 71 Nyhavn Hotel.

Where to Eat in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has a bunch of great restaurants. I would eat at any of the following restaurants again any day.
Expect a really laidback atmosphere.  Don’t expect a tablecloth and no need to dress up. But always (!) book a table.  Also, don’t expect to be served, if you just swing by a restaurant after 10:00 pm.

Good food and great atmosphere

Not just really good food. Also a great atmosphere and talkative Copenhageners.
Kind of prioritized if you can’t decide on where to go.

Good food and local “hygge”

If you are coming for the good food, but a more down-to-earth local vibe.

Michelin Restaurants

If you are aiming for Michelin food you have probably already heard about the two best ones Noma (currently no stars, just relaunched) and Geranium (***).

I would categorise Clou and Formel B as “trivial” for Michelin restaurants.

If you are into sushi – just go for one of the many Sticks N Sushi.
Aiming for a steak frites. Go for one of the Retour Steak restaurants.

Pre-drinks in the kitchen garden of Restaurant Amass.


Breakfasts are best enjoyed in the sun.


Aim for a traditional Danish lunch at one of the following places.
Should be enjoyed with both draught beers and schnapps.  Book a table in advance.

Lunch in the sun could be enjoyed in Nyhavn if you don’t find it too touristy. Would suggest Havfruen, then.
La Banchina,  Tolboden or Hija de Sanchez by Torvehallerne are other great places for lunch in the sun.

Reffen is the newest Streetfood Market, with an amazing view of Copenhagen harbour. You should go – no matter what – in the summer if the sun is shining. A bunch of good food, different events and workshops. Good for both lunch and dinner during the summer.

Drinks, beer or wine.

Combining dinner and drinks are best done at Llama, Pluto, Gorilla and Cantina, see above.

Cocktail Bars

Traditional dive bars

It is all about the conversations. The beers. and the dice games.
Ask nicely and you can join the simple dice games. Rules are explained in 2 minutes.

Other great places for a drink

If you are more in a clubbing kind of mood.
Dont ask me – Haven’t been in a club for years ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Royal Danish Playhouse and Admiral Hotel.

What to do

My preferred take on Copenhagen would be:
Ride a bike. Eat Food. Drink Beer. 

But if you feel like experiencing a bit more, you should aim for the following “attractions” – Everything within biking distance:

– forget about The Little Mermaid – here’s a picture of her.

If you feel like leaving the city for a day (by train/car), I would go to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art – amazing museum with great garden and sea view. Restaurant is good. Followed by Frederiksborg Castle and Garden in Hillerød.

Glyptoteket – the palm garden is a good place for cake and coffee.

Ride a bike – or just walk

You should really experience Copenhagen by bike. Really.
Bike lanes are wide and bikers are fairly slow compared to bikers in London or New York.

Stick to a few tricks like: Keep right. Use hand gestures. Ride in a straight line. Then you are all set.
A good link to other tips for cycling in Copenhagen.

Your options for getting a bike:

Even though Copenhagen should be experienced on a bicycle, there are a couple of great walks, that are not suitable for riding a bike – eg. parks, promenades and shopping streets. See map for details and suggestions for walks and bike rides.

A beer on a bench – across the small bridge from Nyhavn.

Everything in one map

Everything has been thrown into this map.
Coloured and categorised related to the above groups of suggestions.

A direct link to the map.

How not to get yelled at…