My Product Portfolio
Considering myself a Digital Product Developer. I have been involved in the making of digital products and services since 1998 as a project manager, head of product, partner, co-founder etc.


Apoteka / Apopro – continued

Click & Collect for – including an analogue light notification on new orders.


Studio Feder, Icura, Apoteka / ApoPro.


Project management of two Pan-European e-commerce projects for Arlo / Verisure Innovation (SE).

Launched Flexi Sections – a Shopify application – with Thomas Kenne.

Advising and supporting startups, venture builders and e-commerce merchants.


E-Commerce Platforms launched:

Other random side projects maintained from the couch: Stuff, Privideo and a Garden Encyclopedia.


Built over video beers with my Stuff Co-founders. 
It’s a really simple service to do 1-on-1 video calls – for my frustrated wife. 

2019 – 2020

Joined MyMonii as Chief Product Officer in September 2019. Left May 2020.


Co-founded and launched Stuff in December 2018. A platform for digital invitations to private and public events. For better transparency and privacy. And to help people spend time on stuff that really matters.


Built a micro brewery for Carlsberg: 
Crafted By
Partner lead on the Prehype team launching a customised beer brewery in 100 days. Advanced customisation of label and taste managed by customers on a browsing service.

2012 – 2017

Partner – Venture Development Firm Prehype
Started operations in Copenhagen in close collaboration with fellow partners in New York.
Loads of work carried out with great business partners like LEGO, News Corp, Verizon, MTG, Adidas, LEO Pharma, Novozymes, Nordisk Film and Carlsberg.

2015 – 2016

Partner, Prehype: LEO Innovation Lab.
Supporting organisation on creating innovation structures. 
Setup two Prehype teams (9+4) in launching an two separate ventures within the health space. 


Prankstr – Product owner on venture launched in collaboration with Mondelez.
Memorize – Product lead on a small iOS game built with good friends.


Hotspotio. Founder and Product Lead. An Android application for sharing WIFI. Launched in collaboration with Verizon Mobile.

2009 – 2012

Head of Product Development – OTT Services.
YouSee – Denmark’s largest TV, broadband and mobile operator. Launching multiple different content services for desktop, mobile and smart TVs.

YouSee iOS TV Guide. Denmark’s most popular mobile tv guide. 250.000+ downloads and 4.5+ rating.
YouSee Mobile Platform. Heading teams developing streaming services for iOS and Android platforms.
YouSee Web-tv. Heading the development of a streaming platform for 1.000 rental movies and 32 live-tv channels.
YouSee Player. Heading development of Adobe Air streaming music client.

2006 – 2008

Digital Business Development – EMI Music
Random digital and music related stuff. Headed digital stuff out of Copenhagen. Worked with Scandinavia, Australasia, Middle East and Africa out of EMI Group office in London. Contract negotiations on eg. TDC Play and Spotify.

Second Life Project. Carpark North concert in Second Life.
Music Vouchers for SONY. Project Manager for EMI Music. 250.000 vouchers distribution of a free album download from sites in 15 different languages.

2000 – 2006

Mobile Manager / Project Manager
TV 2 Interactive – Denmark’s largest commercial broadcaster.

Leading multiple digital projects and responsible for all mobile activities.

TV 2 / Spil – Product Owner. Denmark’s largest casual gaming universe. Introduced a monthly VIP subscription.

Premium SMS services – Product Owner. Flying in and out of Norway to launch premium sms services like a teletext chat, ringtones, logos to mention the least weird sms services.

Advanced Mobile platform
Product Owner for a complete browsing mobile platform. News, sports, finance, weather and content download. Three WAP and an advanced xHTML version.

Mobile Live Streaming. Live streaming of news broadcasts to Nokia, Siemens and Sony Ericsson phones.

SMS TV interactions and Voting. Multiple votings on +1 million viewers tv programmes. Eg. “Scenen er Din” and “Strictly Come Dancing”.

FC Zulu Mobile Game. First mobile game linked to TV format. For selected Nokia phones.

Moblogs. A mobile blogging platform.

Test the Nation – Project Lead TV 2. Interactive IQ test application for live television. 125.000 respondents in 60 minutes. 200.000+ in total.

1999 – Managing e-commerce platform. Creating 2.500+ products. Scanning and cropping images. Home appliances and satellite reception gear.

1998 – Webmaster, 120+ hardcoded pages in Frontpage 98. –  Writer. Coding and designing a players profile subsite. Largest Danish golf media back then.