I’m Simon.
Digital Product Developer for more than 20 years. I build great product and services for startups, corporates and everything in between. Running smaller projects on the side.

Digital Product Developer for more than 20 years. 
I build great product, services and e-commerce platforms for startups, corporates and everything in between.

Currently building advanced e-commerce platforms with good people. We are available for hire.

We should hook up on Linkedin. Or write me directly on simon@simonschultz.dk.

Categorised by some as a specialist. But see myself as a generalist.
I’m a Product Developer combining Ideation, Insights, Project Management, Product Development, Customer Journeys and Experience, Business Development and Product Marketing to create awesome products and services that people love. 

I’ve built 30+ products over the past 20 years.

I’ve been titled Project Manager, Head of Mobile, Digital Commercial Manager, Head of Section, Chief Product Officer and Partner. Also founder and maker of smaller services and startups.

Caring about simple yet sophisticated products with a strong value proposition that resonates well when communicated.

I’m a Jack of all trades. Master of none. Great at managing expectations from CxOs and motivating developers. 
My coding skills are horrible. And I don’t do great looking design or UI. But I draw on paper, write on post-it notes and sketch-up decent looking stuff in Figma/Sketch/XD. Put slides together to communicate ideas, plans, strategies and visions. Write simple copy that people get. And team up with great people to get stuff done.

How I work

I have been fortunate enough shape and improve my product development process over the years. Always taking an end-to-end responsibility. 

A process which is great, fast, efficient and fun. 

Problem Identification

Identifying real customer centric problems, makes it easier to build real products, services and ventures that resonate with real customers. 
I’m reframing problems over and over again. Using the framework created by the good guy Mr. Thomas Wedell: What’s your problem (Harvard Business Press). A book where I am even credited as “Key thinking partner” ….

Ideation, Product Plan & Presentation

I am a master of ideation. And filter ideas based on criterias and a strong customer focus.
Ideas from post-it notes are developed into strong strories, presentations and product plans – from suggested use case and value propositions to business case and vision.  
I get into the nitty-gritty details and wireframe with the designer. 
I care about a great User Interface and smooth User Experiences . 

Building a product / service / platform

I am a project manager. Make sure that we all get things done. 
I coordinate. I iterate. I QA. I motivate. I listen and talk. 
Always adapting my planning and process to match the team.

Product Marketing

A great digital product or service has a great story and value proposition. 
I make sure that product experience resonates with what is communicated. 
I write copy that people get – for both product and communication. 

Launch & Operations

I get things off the ground by making sure all boxes are ticked. 
I do all the boring stuff no one else cares about – cookie consent, GDPR, terms and policies. 

Tracking & Insights

I track product usage on customer feedback and quantity. 
I setup funnels and cohorts – without being a data scientist. 
I am led by a great combination of numbers, customer insights, vision and a data-driven gut-feeling.

Customer feedback is my fuel – which is why I preach that everyone should read customer support emails

Continuous Development & Iterations

A product or service is never done. I continue to build, test and learn. 
I maintain short-term development plans anchored in a long-term strategy and a great vision. 

Me Personally

Based out of beautiful Copenhagen. 
Dad and husband. Fan of chess, raised beds and my Vespa Piaggio Ciao. Guitar and piano player. 

If you like music you might want to explore my Last.fm profile.

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