1700 km on a moped

In March 2015 I got a red moped for my 40th Birthday from a group of good friends.
In July I ventured out on a three weeks, 1700 kilometer journey.

GPS map
376 moped POVs

  • 1994 Vespa Piaggio Ciao
  • 17 days on the road.
  • 13 ferry rides.
  • 38,2 liters of gas ≈ 44 km/liter
  • Longest day: 144 km.
  • Fastest hour: 37 kilometers.









Here is a map – tracked on my 910XT (link) – Including a bunch of POVs.

I mainly stayed with good friends, friends’ families – and only paid for a sleepover three times.


I had everything packed in a milk crate. Including rain gear, swim shorts, tools and tooth brush.
Got fresh clean clothing from friends in Klitmøller and Varnæs.

I got a blackcurrant bush from a friend’s uncle. It survived the last 700 km. of the ride.

Had to clean the carburettor three times. Could be managed in 20 minutes on a good day.

Ping me for a direct link to my detailed moped diary.